Increasingly, more companies are benefiting from the unique marketing opportunities of Web Media's eSolutions.

Today, with global connectivity, marketing your company's products and services has never been so important or enjoyed so much potential.  The multimedia approach has become a must rather than an option.

Web Media's 3D page turning digital publication format will immediately captivate your viewer. Stunning digital publications can be created from existing documents or designed from inception. These publications can contain dynamic content, including reponse forms, email facilites and fully interactive links to personal and corporate web pages.

eSites give you the ability to email music, video, animation, pictures and text informing potential clients, in a multimedia format, of your companys products and services. Viewers download this file within minutes and the content retains their interest in a way that plain text and html based emails simply can't. A proven way of driving traffic to your website.

Infomercials allow you to seamlessly combine streaming video, audio or ecommerce within any email message or stream video from banner advertisements on your website - with no plug-ins. Exciting interactive campaigns emerge from the Inbox to engage the recipient and drive greater response rates, brand recall and customer conversion.

Web Media aim to provide the best and most appropriate solutions for our clients needs. We like to provide cutting edge website design with advanced marketing and relationship building techniques. All of our eSolutions can be incorporated into your website plus features such as full narration.

Stop waiting for people to visit your website - send it to them.